What Has God Asked You To Remember?

I recently watched The Princess Switch. It's a new Christmas movie wherein two lookalikes, one princess and one American, switch lives for a few days and fall in love with men who think they're someone else. The princess, who becomes 'normal', falls in love with a single dad from Chicago, and he gives her a... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Doing Dressember 2018

About a month ago, I was praying for what to do. Since I'm graduating in June, when I ask God, "What should I do?" I usually mean for after college. But as I was praying, Dressember popped into my head. Wait a minute, God. I was talking about June. That's a half a year too... Continue Reading →

I’m Listening

I'm awake. I definitely drank caffeine way too late in the day. Even though I slept less than I wanted to last night, and I exercised today, my brain won't give it a rest. Ugh. So, I'm trying to listen to God, but it's so hard, because I'm impatient. Even though I have nothing to... Continue Reading →


Sometimes my thoughts spin so negatively around myself that I want someone else to pull me out. I consider asking others for encouragement, and sometimes I actually do. It's not everyone's gift to encourage. I don't always instantly feel better at each good word. But oftentimes these are the words I remember. They replay in... Continue Reading →

“A Letter To My Eight-Year-Old Self,” by We Wander Through

Here’s my guest post on Sun Requiem! Hope you take a look not only at my post, but also at the rest of Sun Requiem. It is full of beautifully honest posts.

Sun Requiem

Blog image (14) Photo by Larm Rmah

Dear Eight-Year-Old Me,

Come here, love. I want to hug you. I want to tell you some things about yourself that you don’t know yet. You see, I know the thoughts you keep to yourself. They are all the things you hate about yourself. The roundness of your face. The smallness of your eyes and nose. How people tell you your hair is so black and straight when it is not. You wish you could look like your friend with her large nose and eyes and wavy brown hair. Or your brother with his oval face and long nose and light brown eyes–with his extra eyelid space. He looks like your white mother, and you wish you did too. They tell you that you look like your father–your asian father. You hate this. It’s not like you think poorly of your father. You just think your…

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Feeling Stuck? God is moving.

Right now I'm trying to go to a friend's party, but there happens to be a tornado in my way. Of course. I think sometimes that's how I feel about the distant future as well. I know I'm heading in a general direction, but there are too many obstacles in between me and where I'm... Continue Reading →

When God Wakes You Up

For the past year, I've struggled with sleeping in. The light shines strongly through my window, completely overrides my curtain, and wakes me up long before eight hours have passed. It doesn't matter that my alarm clock hasn't rung yet or that I don't have plans for hours, if I have plans at all. Even... Continue Reading →

The Lines That God Draws

Today I took two little boys out to their driveway to play with chalk. Right off a busy road with no fence, it can be a bit dangerous. Before going out, I decided to draw a line with their chalk to keep the boys on the side of the driveway farthest away from the bustling... Continue Reading →

When We Weep At The Side Of Jesus

A few days ago I volunteered at a homeless outreach. We served breakfast to around 50 people struggling with housing insecurity. It was so beautiful to see the church caring for them and connecting with them. I've wanted to volunteer for this for quite some time, as the Bible commands us to take care of... Continue Reading →

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